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Calories Burned with Massage

Did you know giving a massage and receiving a massage actually burns calories. The truth is, the more effort to complete the task, the more calories will be burned. There are many factors to consider ie; body composition, overall health, duration and intensity of activity. With that being said, a more muscular massage therapist will use more calories as opposed to a therapist that does not workout. In addition, giving a slower, surface level massage session will not burn as many calories as performing a more vigorous massage session.

Receiving a massage is closely related to sleep meaning a person is laying down fairly still. Sleeping burns calories, so receiving a massage also burns calories. Sleeping burns approximately .42 calories/hour per pound of body weight for the average person according to At that rate, a 160-pound person burns close to 67 calories during an hour long massage session.

The use of a calories counter that considers your weight and duration of activity will calculate how many calories are burned giving a massage. For example, a 160-pound, 34 year old female burns about 289 calories giving an hour long massage session, according to USDA’s Super Tracker for calories.


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