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Swimming and Massage

Benefits of Massage for Swimmers

As a former competitive swimmer (still avid) and 22 years of practicing massage and bodywork, I have found that adding massage can benefit your body in a multitude of ways whether you swim competitively or it is a simple aquatic workout. activity however because of the same movements are repeated over and over, tendency for injury can increase if proper techniques and recovery time are not followed.

Most common areas of muscle strain that swimmers complain of is tension in the upper extremities ie; neck and shoulder areas. The benefits to a swimmer of having regular massage sessions would be:

List of Benefits
1.) Improving strength and muscle tone
2.) Enhancing performance
3.) Increasing range of motion and flexibility
4.) Muscle recovery time shortened
5.) Aids in restoration of injured muscles

If, these areas of muscle tension are not taken care, each swim will increase that level of discomfort. The next time you hit the pool, add in massage & bodywork, you will enjoy your swim even more. Read more benefits.


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