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Massage Therapy in the Work Place

Onsite Work Place Massage Therapy

We know there are many benefits of onsite chair massage in the work place.  However as a massage therapist of 20 years in the business and in doing my research, below I have listed some companies and ideas that can help you as an employee to bring massage into your work place.

I recently came across a few major powerhouse companies that offer massage to their employees.  Reach out to your management team to inquire bringing massage therapy into the work place during lunch or break times on specific days of the week.  Every company has it’s own set of work/job related massage challenges.

  • GOOGLE has a “massage program manager.” The company offers massage eight hours a day, five days a week.
  • EDDIE BAUER offers massage as part of their employees’ wellness program.
  • BOEING offers massage to help improve employees’ mental and physical resilience.

Connecting Onsite Massage In Your Company

So how does the therapist get into your company? You the employee are the Key!hat you have engaged in their services and are comfortable referring or introducing to the company.  Tell your massage therapist about the types of job related physical challenges so they can design a custom solution to present to your company.

Some insurance companies may support paying or co-paying for the massage therapist services as a preventative maintenance or ongoing wellness program.

Promoting employee good will are strong incentives to mention when approaching your management team or ownership. There is absolute proof that the corporate workforce embraces the benefit of having massage therapy services offered.

In summary, remain positive, upbeat and professional when approaching your company management team to introduce massage in your work place.   Send Us Your Questions Here  for more information on how your business can start a custom wellness program today.


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