NOTE: I am now fully vaccinated, boostered and following COVID Protocols.

Due to the current climate that Covid-19 has presented and following all Pennsylvania government guidelines, it is important for me to inform my clients of the necessary precautions I have taken for my practice.

First and foremost, I am required by my state guidelines to wear a mask during the session. My client does not need to wear a mask facing down, facing up it is mandatory. Temperatures are taken upon arrival and clients must wash their hands before getting on the table. The necessary cleaning and sanitation products are in my workplace. Changing the linens after each client was always done, but now I wipe everything down with disinfectant wipes any surfaces that I myself or client may have touched.

In addition to the above, a number of my clients have requested house visits. The clients that I currently see in their home own a massage table.

The benefits of a house visit (especially during this unprecedented time) are as follows:
– Forget about driving and commuting
– More relaxed in “your” comfort zone
– Fits your busy schedule
– Clients feel safer in their own home

So if you have a table or are thinking about purchasing one, please contact me to discuss details.

In good health,

Tracy Smith LMT