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Calories Burned with Massage

Did you know giving a massage and receiving a massage actually burns calories. The truth is, the more effort to complete the task, the more calories will be burned. There are many factors to consider ie; body composition, overall health, duration and intensity of activity. With that being said, a more muscular massage therapist will Read more about Calories Burned with Massage[…]

Swimming and Massage

Benefits of Massage for Swimmers As a former competitive swimmer (still avid) and 22 years of practicing massage and bodywork, I have found that adding massage can benefit your body in a multitude of ways whether you swim competitively or it is a simple aquatic workout. Swimming is a low-impact activity however because of the Read more about Swimming and Massage[…]

Corporate Massage Benefits

Massage Therapy in the Work Place

Onsite Work Place Massage Therapy We know there are many benefits of onsite chair massage in the work place.  However as a massage therapist of 20 years in the business and in doing my research, below I have listed some companies and ideas that can help you as an employee to bring massage into your Read more about Massage Therapy in the Work Place[…]

Corporate Chair Massage

Corporate Chair Massage Benefits

Would you like to improve morale in the workplace? Onsite corporate chair massage can help. Health concerns are at an all time high and a majority of companies want their employees to feel a level of commitment to their overall health and well being, keep them happy and most importantly productive. Corporate Chair Massage Benefits Read more about Corporate Chair Massage Benefits[…]

Massage Therapy Main Line

Contemplating Massage Therapy?  Well the list is endless for the benefits you can attain with a massage regimen. Massage Therapy is a wonderful and relaxing experience.  There are many benefits physically and mentally that balance your overall well being. Benefiting from Massage Therapy Relieving stress is a primary focus for most clients entering the massage Read more about Massage Therapy Main Line[…]